The Call Of the Soul.


Since I was a child I always had the feeling that there was a lot more knowledge in the world than we were taught at school.

Besides mathematics, sciences, physics ... They taught us the 5 senses of the body: touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. But what about the inner senses?

And that inner voice that suddenly appears to say: be careful, or, turn left?

Intuition is not a school matter, but it should be ...

We never learn how much meditation is important for us to assess our inner strength and wisdom, and through our breath, we connect our mind to the heart.

They did not teach that our vibration creates our present and future and that we draw into our lives what we feel.

No one has said how wise our body is, and knowing how to listen to it and change some habits is the best way to stay healthy.

We have never learned to use our natural instinct, nor have we been told that we are deeply connected with nature, and there are the answers to almost every question.

In my life journey I learned to listen to my inner calling, which took me to various parts of the world, I traveled to many places, I lived in some countries, I had wonderful experiences, and some bad experiences aswell, I took several tumbles and each of them took me deeper in my self-knowledge.

And I could observe the diversities, the people, the cultures, the behaviors and I learned a lot.

I would like to share with you all that I have learned and I still learning because the wisdom is infinite.

This is the time to wake up. It's time to connect yourself and let your life flow in this divine dance.